Investor Package: the admission test to the Finale of CLab UniCa!

Last delivery before the Finale for the #05 Edition teams! The Investor Package plays a key role in accessing the Finale of the Contamination Lab UniCa program. If teams have respected the delivery deadline and attached the necessary contents, they can introduce their own ideas before the audience and the experts. What is the Investor Package, anyway? The Investor [...]

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CLab UniCa Finale: 50.000 euros at stake, Alberto Matano from TG1 set to host

Press conference in rector's office to present the #05Edition Finale A press conference about the Finale of the CLab UniCa #05edition has occurred in the rector's office today, on the 8th March 2018. The Finale will take place at Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, co-organizer of the event, on the 25th March. Participants will be 6 [...]

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The CLab UniCa Finale is approaching: book your ticket!

The most exciting startup event of the year is back! Once again, this year, Contamination Lab UniCa, the entrepreneurship education program of the University of Cagliari, will culminate with an attractive event! Join us in the Final on March 25th 2018 by booking your ticket on our website or on the Events section of the [...]

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The perfect PITCH: 7 rules for a winning monologue

What is a Pitch? A pitch is a short monologue aiming to showcase the key concepts of a business idea, in order to win the attention of potential investors and convince them to support your project. The golden rules Your audience is important Involve it in your idea and look at everyone: do not focus [...]

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Imprinting: free services and financing to start your business.

CREA UniCA offers free services in the context of the Imprinting project CREA UniCA is part of the accredited providers of free services enshrined in the "Imprinting" project, intended for unemployed people and women willing to launch and/or strengthen small and micro enterprises. Imprinting aims to encourage new business ventures, self-employment and generation renewal by [...]

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Contamination Lab UniCa – Boundaries are just a point of view!

Contamination Lab UniCa – Boundaries are just a point of view September 29th marks the term to apply for University of Cagliari’s project of excellence. Few days left to send your application to the #05thEdition of the CLab UniCa, a free course of the University of Cagliari. Contamination Lab’s course, now at its #05thEdition, will [...]

CLab UniCa – Event for the presentation of the #05Edition

An event for the presentation of the #05Edition of the Contamination Lab Unica will be held on Wednesday, July 26th at the CREA UniCa The CREA UniCa – Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Cagliari will host the event for the presentation of the #05Edition of the Contamination Lab UniCa, a top-notch [...]

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Everybody loves ICT!!

Boundaries pushed further than ever before. Digital tech dominates consumers’ life The development of Information and Communication Technologies allowed the disruption of geographical borders and the widening of services and products. On the other hand, it allows the growth of the amount of information available to consumers, which consequently results in a new kind of [...]


EOS: until noon to apply!

Today at 12.00 marks the due date for the application to EOS Emerging Organization Ship, promoted by CREA UniCa  EOS Emerging Organization-Ship, whose backbone is the expertise of the Contamination Lab UniCa of the University of Cagliari, is a course designed to support unemployed, inactive or jobless people in the development of their own business [...]

EOS: the due date is tomorrow!

24 hours left to apply for EOS Emergin Organization-Ship, a course promoted by CREA UniCa EOS is a course designed to support unemployed, jobless or inactive people in the development of their own business ideas or self-employment paths in the ICT sector. The course has its backbone in the expertise and methods successfully tested in [...]