Investor Package: the admission test to the Finale of CLab UniCa!

Last delivery before the Finale for the #05 Edition teams! The Investor Package plays a key role in accessing the Finale of the Contamination Lab UniCa program. If teams have respected the delivery deadline and attached the necessary contents, [...]

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CLab UniCa tales: winning startups for accessible information

Last stage of our journey on the discovery of the successful innovative CLab startups. Experiential tourism, IoT, education 4.0, ICT are just some of the sectors in which the winning startups, born during the CLAB UniCa [...]

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CLab UniCa tales: successful startups for smart education

Third appointment with the successful Clab UniCa-born startups On our journey to discover the innovative Clab Unica startups, we recounted the story of smart objects specifically designed to make people's and pets' lives simpler. In today's article, we are glad to introduce you to [...]

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MAGA: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

MAGA produces and sells the first magnetic orthodontic appliances MAGA is the first magnetic orthodontic appliance controlling, manoeuvring and predicting the dental movement. It uses a central magnetic field generator, which produces the force required [...]

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Emfores: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

Emfores semplifies the use of smart electrical appliances Emfores presents the Optimize Energy automated management system. It manages the energy comsumption of electrical appliances in a Smart Home context. Thanks to Emfores, users will be [...]

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