CLab UniCa tales: winning startups for accessible information

Last stage of our journey on the discovery of the successful innovative CLab startups. Experiential tourism, IoT, education 4.0, ICT are just some of the sectors in which the winning startups, born during the CLAB UniCa [...]

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CLab UniCa tales: successful startups for smart education

Third appointment with the successful Clab UniCa-born startups On our journey to discover the innovative Clab Unica startups, we recounted the story of smart objects specifically designed to make people's and pets' lives simpler. In today's article, we are glad to introduce you to [...]

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CLab UniCa tales: the most successful startups in IoT

The stories of the most successful CLab UniCa startups continue In the previous article about CLab UniCa startups and experiential turism we left you with a question: "What do dogs and bicycles have in common?!" The [...]

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eFlavor: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

eFlavor can screen human taste sensitivity in less than 15 minutes eFlavor is the first electromedical equipment assessing the sense of taste directly. It does so thanks to an electrode system. Linked with a 13 [...]

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EABlock: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

EABlock, the startup which will protect enterprise information The EABlock team, which will attend the Finale of Clab UniCa #05Edition, aspires to create reliable solutions for enterprises. In fact, EABlock’s armored applications use cryptography and Blockchain technology [...]

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The Finale of CLab UniCa: six startups competing to win 50.000 euros!

 Here are the teams performing during the Finale at Teatro Lirico on 25th March The CLab UniCa #05 edition  entrepreneurship education program ended yesterday: six startups will have to present their own business ideas to [...]

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Cities Challenge Italy presents “The role of entrepreneurial cities” event

“The role of entrepreneurial cities” meeting is scheduled to take place at CREA UniCa As the winner of the 2017 edition of Cities Challenge Italy, Cagliari will host “The role of the entrepreneurial cities” on [...]

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CLab UniCa tales: the most successful startups born during the program

CLab UniCa and innovation: winning startups Contamination Lab UniCa is an entrepreneurship education program promoted by CREA - Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - and the University of Cagliari. It has over 400 participants to [...]

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Learning, Enterprenuing & Creating Value: entrepreneurship for children

Learning, "Enterprenuing" and Creating Value”: children learn entrepreneurship Researcher Michela Floris from University of Cagliari and CREA - University service centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - have promoted Learning, "Enterprenuing" and Creating Value (Apprendo, Imprendo e Creo [...]

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Recruiting Day: BIP selects graduates and graduands from UniCa

BIP offers career paths to graduates and graduands from UniCa  The degree course in Managerial Economics of the University of Cagliari has arranged a day of recruiting for graduates and undergraduates UniCa, along with BIP - Business Integration Partners [...]

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