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Startup Name: Babaiola Area: Tourism - LGBT CLab UniCa edition: 2nd edition (2014/2015) Date of establishment: Feb. 02, 2016 Collected funds: € 110.000 Prizes and awards: CRS4 award, Contamination Lab #02 edition Startup selected by Startup Chile generation 17 Founders: Nicola Usala - CEO Federica Saba - CMO Enrico Garia - CTO Sito web: [...]


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Startup name: IntendiMe Area: ICT - Social impact Edizione CLab UniCa: 2nd edition (2014/2015) Date of establishment: June 23rd, 2015 Collected funds: € 58.000 Prizes and awards: 1st place Contamination Lab UniCa 2015, prize given from the American Embassy and The Net Value 1st grant (€25000) from Telecom Italia’s Open Innovation Acceleration programme and mentorship – [...]

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