Project Description

Name: Prototype APS
Area: Consulting
Phone: +39 3408538099

Thanks to the Prototype program, every startup in an early stage will learn the right method to test / examine their own business ideas in six weeks with real-life users.
This program is managed by 6 Sardinian experts in the field of startup.
The 2017 edition involved six startup. It took the latter six weeks to draft their own business models, carry out a market text and contribute to their enterprise’s economical and business growth.
Following market, product and technology assessments, startups involved in the program analyse the problem/ solution dynamics in order to develop a high fidelity MVP.

CLab UniCa for Prototype APS

Nicola and Giuseppe from the Prototype team followed the contamination lab startups as mentors.
In our opinion, the search for the perfect product is like a loop constantly needing alimentation.
This is why the expansion of startups will be furtherly improved with the aid of several product, design, MVP development, marketing and fundraisingsenior mentors.

Services dedicated to CLabbers

The service consists of taking part in the next Prototype batch for free.
In order to probe the most suitable business model, our team will have to support the winner in a period in a 6 startup program weeks and 3 mentorship months.
The program is divided into six main stapes consisting of:
1) Startup idea analysis – competitive analysis update
2) Business model protoyping- main hypothesis selection
3) Test implementation
4) Launch of the test –  KPI setting
5) Technology assessment- defining each idea’s point of development

6) Result analysis