Project Description

Name: Accademia d’Arte Santa Caterina
Area: Art school
Address: Pazzale Lazzaretto
Phone: 070 751 3411
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The Accademia d’Arte Santa Caterina was founded in 2012, offering a training inspired by the old Renaissance workshops, which was a combination of theory and practice. This will allow students to approach the world of art in a professional manner. At present, it provides three different artistic paths: visual communication, writing, painting and visual arts. In each of the selected artistic areas, a complete three years training course will be offered. Students intending to cultivate a passion, have the opportunity to attend courses and individual laboratory studies.

Important part of Lectures is that of practically applying the theoretical part in the production of individual and collective works. In addition, professors, experts in their field of teaching, are willing to share their acquired professional expertise. The most deserving students will be involved in the realisation of projects assigned to individual professors or to the Accademia.

CLab UniCa for Accademia d’Arte Santa Caterina

The sharing of personal and professional experiences represents the foundation for artistic, entrepreneurial and technical development. Accademia firmly believes that though the contamination of different fields of knowledge, high-quality results will be achieved, promoting creativity and offering new and unconventional perspectives to better analyse and find a solution to the arising problems.  We are certain that our resources will prove useful to Clab’s teams.

Services offered to Clabbers

Professors of the Academy, Giorgio Binnella, Cristina Marras and Stefano Obino, will put their specific professional knowledge at disposal of the teams involved in the project. In fact, a constant consultant service will be provided in the following specific areas: creativity, preparation of texts, advertising, design, pitch, audience involvement, non- and para-verbal communication. In addition, during the final stages of the project, team leaders and pitchers will have the opportunity to attend intensive workshops in order to acquire superior skills.