Project Description

Startup name: Bautiful
Area: Pet Care
CLab UniCa edition: 3rd edition (2015/2016)
Date of establishment: Nov. 18, 2016
Collected funds: € 35.000
Prizes and awards :
3rd place Contamination Lab (3rd edition)
Finalist – Heroes Prize
Finalist – “The R.O.M.E. Prize”​
Finalist – Sardinian StartCup
Finalist – Startup Europe Award 2017
3rd place New Work contest – Lions foundations
Finalist – Wind Startup Award 2017
Finalist – Edison Pulse (currently underway) – Top 5 Smart Home startup
Maurizio Piredda – CEO
Daniele Lecis – CTO
Phone number: 340 761 1867
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Bautiful Box is a gaming console for pets. It keeps them busy with fun and challenging games, giving their owners the opportunity to play with them even when they are not home, via their smartphones.
Thanks to different sensors on its accessories, Bautiful Box stimulates the senses of your pet: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell!
If your dog (or cat) solves a puzzle or completes a game, it’s rewarded with a treat and, since the game gets harder and harder, your pet is “forced” to sharpen its mind in order to get another treat.
Using Bautiful Box’s mobile App, the owner can hear and talk to her/his four-legged companion when she/he is not home.