Project Description

Startup name: BiiHar
Area: Health care
CLab UniCa edition: 3rd edition (2015/2016)
Collected funds: € 14.000
Prizes and awards:
2016 Regional Call for proposals “CambiaMenti” – Sardegna Ricerche
2016 Impact Hub Milano call for startups
2016 Finalists StartCup Sardegna
2017 Contest New Work 2016 – Lions for job foundation
Maria Giovanna Lovicu – CEO
Marco Casto – COO
Salvatore Chillotti – CIO
Phone: +39 340 092 4928
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BiiHar is an innovative system for multi-disciplinary medical centers which supports both the team and patients in the treatment of obesity. We can distinguish between: Professionals section: it allows the medical team to share a digital medical record, set the meal plan and the physical activity, sending and getting feedback while monitoring patient’s activity. It enhances the coordination between the members of the medical team, improving both their internal and external communication. Patients section: it allows patients to access their daily meal plan and physical activity schedule assigned by the multidisciplinary team. It allows patients to communicate feelings, needs and success and get feedback from the members of the medical team (doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and personal trainers), strenthening the relationship of trust between patient and medical team, which is needed for the success of the whole operation.