Project Description

Startup name: Brave Potions
Area: Health care
CLab UniCa edition: 1st edition (2013/2014)
Date of establishment: Feb 25th, 2015
Collected funds: € 380.000
Prizes and awards:
Sardegna Ricerche’s call for proposals “Validation course from the idea to the business model”
Lazio Innova Spa’s call for proposals “Grant for the development of innovative Startups (L.R. 13/2013 – art. 6)
Sardegna Ricerche’s call for proposals”Voucher Startup”
Alberto Piras – CEO
Benedetta De Magistris – CFO
Federico Simionato – COO
Phone: +39 338 804 8009
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Brave Potions wants to establish complicity between doctors/dentists and children, who then become much more cooperative, maximizing the professionist’s job as well as making the operational environment friendlier and happier. We let this happen exploiting what a child can understand: magic. Brave Potions created the so called “Super powers” service, which includes all the materials (both physical and digital) which let the kid experience a doctor’s appointment, a visit to the dentist, blood sampling as well as any other medical treatment as a positive and magic experience, as well as fun, in the interests of the clinical operations.