Project Description

Name:  CLabber UniCa
Area: Cultural Association
Address: Via Ospedale 122
Phone: +393491212424
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The CLabber UniCa Cultural Association was born in April 2017. Its goal is to reunite alumni from the previous editions of Contamination  Lab UniCa, spread and maintain alive the principles of CLab UniCa,  promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and training  opportunities for the alumni, create spaces for sharing and exchanging  experiences, strengthening existing relationships and giving birth to  new ones.

CLab UniCa for

The CLabber Unica association was founded in April 2017 to create a  common area where to continue the contamination and cooperation  attitude, experimented during CLab UniCa entrepreneurship education  program. The association also aims at strenghtening the existing  alumni relationships and giving birth to new ones.

Services to Clabber

The activities of the CLabber Unica association are addressed to  former and current participants in the Contamination Lab program. In  particular, the association deals with:
– supporting team buiding activities for Contamination Lab Unica
– training the alumni through the peer to peer learning method
– introducing the CLabber UniCa Special Prize for the Finale of  Contamination Lab UniCa