Project Description

Name: CRS4, Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna
Area: University – Research body – Education authority
Address: Loc. Piscinamanna, Edificio 1, Pula 09010
Phone: +39 070 92501
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CRS4 is an interdisciplinary research center, founded in 1990 by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia as a point of reference for research and development in the field of computational science, IT and communication technologies and their applications. The center is internationally acknowledged for the innovation and the scientifc excellence in the study of natural and social phenomena, as well as in solving difficult, technological problems.
Our activities relate to themes whose main features are high economic and social impact, and address global market’s and local community’s needs, facilitating the development of new processes, products and hig-technological services.
On this basis, CRS4 concludes agreements with the business world and confronts itself with the international scientific community.

CLab UniCa for CRS4

CRS4 wants to get in touch with embryionic business ideas, identifying their innovative potential and its repercussions for the area. Our main goal is to study, develop and adopt innovative solutions through a multidisciplinary approach, making use of highly specialized skills and knowledge. On this basis, CRS4 concludes agreements with universities, companies and the scientific world.

Services dedicated to CLabbers

CRS4 could provides startuppers with the review of their business idea’s technological roadmap, its network with large companies and international partners. Furthermore, it could start the joint design of some innovations (via POR or other financing instruments). CRS4 is entitled of high-performance computing labs, genomic sequencing, light and electronic microscopy, netx-gen 3D/2D visualization (for large areas too).