Project Description

Name: Hub/Spoke
Area: Co-working space
Address: Via roma 235, Cagliari 09124
Phone: 070 658 020
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Hub/Spoke’s coworking space actually covers about 600 squred metres, slightly more than 40% of a surface to be organically expanded. We offer 60 different types of workspace to freelancers, a hybrid space dedicated to training and small events, 3 conference rooms and a large networking space in which coworkers meet, contaminate each other and co-create value. We worked hard to make Hub/Spoke a calm and cozy place, where value and creativity can be expressed freely in a stimulating and dynamic working environment, trying to figure out what really helps professionals being more productive.

CLab UniCa for Hub/Spoke

Be part of something like the Contamination Lab facilitates the growth of the Sardinan eco-system and helps in the creation of synergies between realities dealing with innovation. We aim at the development of a larger and larger community which allows the interaction among professionals, as well as the creation of spaces and moments of cooperation and sharing.

Services dedicated to CLabbers

Co-working spaces are one of the answers to freelancers’ needs, developed inside the conceptual framework of the Sharing Economy, already in transition towards the Collaborative Economy.
Get access to Hub/Spoke’s community and network.
Shared workstations, participation in events arranged inside the co-working space itself.
The modern concept of the space is reflected in its technological infrastructure, thanks to the Lab/Spoke, which links technological needs and market needs.