Project Description

Startup name: Let’s Colibrì
Area: Food – Marketing consulting & Communication
CLab UniCa edition: 3rd edition (2015/2016)
Collected funds: € 10.000
Prizes and awards:  Access to Sardegna Ricerche’s funding cambiaMENTI
Claudio Cancedda – CEO
Alessandro Matteu – CFO
Phone: +39 349 196 8992
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Let’s Colibrì increases sales and promotion of hand-made food products. It realizes visual-storytelling content aimed at the enhancement of producers’marketing both in the online and offline market. In the latter case, it provides them with innovative touchscreen support: clients can see, via a dedicated app, textual and visual content related to the products, their supply chain, the history behind those artisanal companies and their features and qualities. There are two different supports: one is the Voice-over Display, an FSC-approved, cardboard-made display whose shape can be customized with a touchscreen on top of the shelves, the other is the Interactive Book, a mobile totem that can be locat anywhere in the shop, next to the objects you want to be told about.