Project Description

Startup name:  Little Alienz
Area:  Education
CLab UniCa edition:  4th edition (2016/2017)
Collected funds:  € 12000
Prizes and awards:  Special Prize” Sardegna Ricerche
Special Prize from the Rector – University of Cagliari
Founders: Sarah Pinna – CEO
Mauro Cuccu – COO
Valentina Bellotti – CFO
Phone :  340 345 3292
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Little Alienz deals with learning disorders, particularly dyslexia. As of today, about 1.5 million people in Italy are affected by dyslexia; unfortunately, only a third of dyslexic children is being verified as being one.
For this reason we thought of a game which helps detecting the gaps that signal the risk of dyslexia before the age of diagnosis.
At the same time, it allows the enhancement of children’s meta-phonological skills during the game itself.
Our goal is to make Little Alienz the tool which allows kids getting immediate support in addressing dyslexia, dispelling the myth that it is an unbeatable disorder or problem.