Project Description

Nome Startup name: Neeot
Area: Internet of Things
CLab UniCa edition:  4th edition (2016/2017)
Collected funds: € 25000
Prizes and awards: 
2nd place, Contamination Lab 4th edition
Winners, private call MED FORVAL in cooperation with WWF oasis, MONTE ARCOSU
Pre-Acceleration, LUISS EnLabs
Access to EnLabs Selection Day
Renato Caboni – CEO
Federico Corona – CTO
Chiara Cocco – COO
Nicola Aldo Cabras – CFO
Phone: +39 3490625218
Follow Neeot on:

Neeot is an innovative system which implements a LPWAN network that collects and analyzes in real time data coming from sensors placed on a geographical area of interest. Thanks to the technology applied, our device covers tens of km with minimum infrastructure and low power consumption. It is composed by a gateway which directly interfaces with the final nods through which it is able to monitor a farm’s most important parameters. Data can be directly managed from both the online portal and the Android App, providing farmers useful insights and turn on the automation systems.