Project Description

Startup name: Omsy
Area: Health care – ICT – mobile app
CLab UniCa edition: 4th edition (2016/2017)
Collected funds: €10000
Prizes and awards:  3rd place, ContaminationLab UniCa 2017
Cecilia Murru – CEO
Enrico Medda – CTO
Daniele Marras – Medical R&D manager
Marco Puddu – CFO
Phone: +39 347 242 5099
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Omsy is a brand new startup that is currently developing world’s first mobile app for the screening of the Obstruction Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). OMSy observes the patient’s breath while asleep, elaborates an audio track then analyzes it using a proprietary algorithm and finally gives the patient a report assessing pathology’s risk level and severity. Our app allows people take the OSAS test in the comfort of their homes. The result can be of great help in the continuation of the diagnosis.