Project Description

Name: Need for Nerd
Area: Impresa – Technology
Address: Via Garibaldi 80, Settimo san Pietro 09040
Phone: +39 349 724 8974
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We provide companies looking for programmers a recruiting platform in which developers can assess their skills. We use gamification to find out and test developers soft skills, at the same time allowing companies to have resources that actually meet their own requirements. Tech and digital companies want to identify soft skills immediately during an interview with potential developers. After some lean interviews we validated this assumption first, and then our MVP.

CLab UniCa fo Need for Nerd

We come from the Contamination Lab, so it feels natural for us to keep in touch with it, being part of its network and help it in the best possible way. We planned several events in cooperation with the CLab, e.g. Sociotal Cagliari, an international meeting about the IoT, for the first time in Italy.

Services dedicated to Clabber

During Contamination Lab #04 edition we provided startups a tech-mentoring service (2 mentors for each team). Tech-mentors have been selected by our community, matching their features with those of the team. We interviewed the team first, then we understood their needs in order to carry on their ideas and, lastly, we selected the programmers via their CVs. At a later stage, we put them in a group with whom we interacted throughout the whole duration of the Contamination Lab UniCa.