Project Description

Startup name: RefoodIt
Area:  Health care
CLab UniCa edition: 4th edition (2016/2017)
Prizes and awards: Finalists, 4th edition Contamination Lab UniCA
Michele Schlich – R&D, sviluppo prodotto
Claudia Lecca – Marketing and management
Alessandro Atzei – R&D, analisi chimica degli scarti
Phone: +39 348 776 2200
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RefoodIt is a research and development tool for the creation of cosmetics and supplements using the waste of the food processing industry as active ingredients. In a dedicated laboratory, we apply modern analytical techniques in the identification of valuable nutrients in the waste of the food processing industry provided by our partners. We start from waste’s composition and properties for the development of new cosmetics and supplements, whose formula is patented and then offered to the cosmetics industry.
R&D operations take place both at the express request of a company and as an independet research, thus enhancing our portfolio.