Project Description

Name: Sardegna 2050 non-profit association
Area: Association for social advancement
Address: Via Massa Carrara 16, Olbia 07026
Phone: +39 342 154 9713
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Sardegna 2050 is a non-profit organization which designs and implements groundbreaking actions for sustainable, local development through the dissemination of the digital, business culture as well as innovative thinking and the creation of networks of ideas, skills and energies. We carry on different projects related to those aforementioned activities both in secondary schools and on the territory. Among those projects, we must list: Business in Action (the only project related to work-linked training in which students can effectively run a business), Bizworld (business simulation for middle school students), Idea! Take Action! (radio broadcast for the innovation of traditional jobs), Sardegna 2050, moving future!

CLab UniCa for Sardegna 2050

We want to promote Sardinia’s sustainable development: being partners allows us to extend our network of expertise, skills and energies in order to reach this goal. Some CLabbers have already took part in Business in Action as business experts, promoting the development of those mini-enterprises created by the students as well the dissemination of both Contamination Lab’s and University of Cagliari’s activities.

Services dedicated to Clabber

We realized and keep doing projects for the development of innovative thinking and business ideas both in middle and high school as well as on the territory, providing consulting for the development of those groundbreaking business ideas and their practical arrangements, starting from the choiche of the legal form to funding. All those services are reserved to CLabbers too.