Project Description

Name: Sardegna Ricerche
Area: Scientific and Technological park
Address: via Palabanda 9, Cagliari 09123
Phone:  +39 070 92431
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Sardegna Ricerche is the Sardinian regional body that promotes research and innovation as well as the technological development in the Island itself. It supports companies and provide services for the implementation of research projects and the transfer of their results to the companies. Sardegna Ricerche runs the Scientific and Technological Park of Sardinia, its laboratories and spaces. Eventually, through its Startup desk, it provides startups with vouchers and arranges information and training activities related to business creation.

CLab UniCa for Sardegna Ricerche

Sardegna Ricerche is where people innovates in Sardinia. It could not miss the opportunity of being a partner of the Contamination Lab, a place in which University of Cagliari’s best students get together and are trained properly in order to create the next Sardinian companies. Sardegna Ricerche allows this with the Startup desk, dedicated to the world of innovation, which provides entrepreneurs with information services and consulting.

Services dedicated to Clabbers

Sardegna Ricerche reserves to the best CLabbers:

– cash prizes, particularly for the realization of paths of business idea’s validation and for the acquisition of both skills and tools aimed at the implementation of a Minimum Viable Product;

– its own skills and competences, in order to support and help Contamination Lab’s winners in courses dedicated to the enhancement of their qualities.