Project Description

Name: Teatro di Sardegna Soc. Coop. A.R.L.
Area: Multi-disciplinary artistic production
Address: Viale Trento 19, Cagliari 09123
Phone: +39 070 279 6620
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Teatro di Sardegna, of huge cultural interest, is applying a groundbreaking, active governance model through a network of local, national and international operators. Interdisciplinarity, multi-dimensional experimentation, training and involvement of the territory make the ToS a meeting place for people, ideas and experiences. We contaminate and we want to be contaminated, we want to be a desing platform for the creation of groundbreaking models related to cultural management and regional regeneration. In 2016: we had 22 productions, 9 co-productions, 17 partners, 24 shows, 98 students in Asl, 30 artist involved in permanent training. The bond that links schools and universities is structural thanks to partnerships with educators and advanced learning. The youth is the main theme: we support young artists with audience development strategies and special training.

CLab UniCa for Teatro di Sardegna Soc. Coop. A.R.L.

The course represented by CLab UniCa goes perfectly with our interest in innovation and experimentation of new languages and methods for the creation of a groundbreaking and creative artistic company. Theater offers yet unexploited opportunities that link art and business, sectors based upon creativity and risk.

Services dedicated to Clabbers

Favourable-priced tickets. Introduction to Teatro di Sardegna’s board and employees (management, actors, technical operators, directors, choreographers, and so on). Introduction to the business opportunities linked to theater. Supporting workshop dedicated to creative process and improvisation, as well as training and management of internal team conflicts.
“PitchATTORI” lab, for the 10/12 team representatives who are going to pitch, in order to improve their public speaking and explain their business idea via performing arts.
Final prize Sardegna Teatro to the 3 finalists.