Project Description

Name: The Net Value
Area: Incubator
Address: via Sassari, 3, Cagliari, 09123
Phone: +39 070 233 0200
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The Net Value is a certified incubator based in Cagliari, exclusively dedicated to companies of the digital sector. TNV supports new businesses in their own growth path by providing entrepreneurs with significant expertise, such as business planning, legal advisory, company engineering and financial support.
We offer businesses a cozy workplace in the city centre, on the Gulf of Cagliari. This place facilitates the exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs involved in ambitious, high-growth projects.

CLab UniCa for The Net Value

Being partners with the CLab means to contribute to the development of innovative startups, which see the light thanks to both universities and research centres. Each and every innovative cluster in the world has its backbone in the relationships with universities that create, develop and support programmes dedicated to technology entrepreneurship. In this respect, Cagliari’s Contamination Lab is the best university programme in this area.

Services dedicated to CLabbers

The Net Value provides Contamination Lab’s teams operational support during the establishment and development of their business project. The expertise is available for startups both during and after the Contamination Lab, and helps them during decision-making processes which bring team members to choose their way forward.