Project Description

Startup Name: Babaiola
Area: Tourism – LGBT
CLab UniCa edition: 2nd edition (2014/2015)
Date of establishment: Feb. 02, 2016
Collected funds: € 110.000
Prizes and awards:
CRS4 award, Contamination Lab #02 edition
Startup selected by Startup Chile generation 17
Nicola Usala – CEO
Federica Saba – CMO
Enrico Garia – CTO
Sito web:
Phone: +39 346 143 9027
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Thanks to its search engine and its algorithm, Babaiola provides the best ticket + accomodation packages, an updated list of LGBT clubs and events, gay-only or gay friendly hotels. Furthermore, Babaiola provides a guide for more than 100 cities worldwide, in the spirit of culture, fun and differente experiences.
The main feature of our offer is its extreme customizability, linked to the intimate knowledge of the places and our great capacity in customer care. Our services, the proposed structures and the attractions are the best in the business: they are addressed to a select clientele, with high spending capacity, in order to offer them tailor-made holidays.