Brave Potions is searching for investors on Mamacrowd

Brave Potions is a healthcare startup which debuted in the first edition of Contamination Lab UniCa. They launched a fundraising campaign on the Mamacrowd equity crowfunding platform. In fact, they need new partners and fundings to introduce Super Poteri in the Unites States of America. Super Poteri is the first service aimed to turn child fear of paediatric examinations into fun and magical experiences. The physical and digital material they use is based on Augmented Reality, allowing young patients to have fun while facing medical treatments with a positive attitude. This will also help doctors and dentists to do their job calmly.

Super Poteri: from Super Power to Super Success

Super Poteri got prizes and public and private fundings worth over 300.000 euros. Besides, they operate in over 600 physician’s offices, 2 hospitals and 8 university dental clinics in Italy. They kept in touch with several delegacies set in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Boston. One of them is the Boston Children’s Hospital, which is the main USA children’s hospital. The Foreign Trade Institute elected Super Poteri one of the 40 most innovative technology-based firms in Italy. This is why it took part in the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the greatest technology world’s fair that took place in Los Angeles from the 9th to the 12th January 2018.