Teams in the Finale of CLab UniCa presented their own startup at Teatro Lirico

On 25th March 2018 at Teatro Lirico of Cagliari, six finalist teams from Contamination Lab UniCa #05Edition faced each other to win a total jackpot worth € 50.000 in cash and services. We are talking about: EABlock, runner up; eFlavor, who got a special prize from the Dean; EmforesGlambnb, placed third; HiveGuard; and MAGA, winner of the first prize who also got an award from CLabber UniCa association.

The thoroughness and reliability of each team’s Investor Package played a key role in the selection of the finalist startups. Still, other teams have successfully completed the entrepreneurship education program of University of Cagliari. Who are they?

The other startups from the #05Edition of Contamination Lab UniCa

Here they are:

  • Anima-B aims at promoting the territory by buying a plant to dedicate to our pets. Thanks to its portal, people can adopt trees from spellbinding sceneries and purchase plants to reforest burned areas.
  • JoyJoy aims at developing, creating and merchandising smartphone covers featuring a gamepad and a built-in battery, keeping an excellent value for money. The startup addresses those people who often use their mobiles to play videogames outdoor.
  • KeepIn Devices presents KeepIn, a bracelet connected to the smartphone through a button. If the button is pushed for three times, the bracelet will emit a 120DB sound signal. If the signal is not deactivated in 20 seconds, the app will send an sms with the GPS coordinates and a call for help to 4 preselected contacts.
  • Lasers and Stairs seeks to create and sell a multi-laser, self-levelling, modular level in the B2B market. This device will simplify measurements while building staircases or stairways. Thus the customers will save money and time.
  • LensPic is an app designed to let tourists make profit out of their photos. Tourists will need to take photos in the places showed in the map created by the team. The app, in turn, will check the localization of those places and will share the photos on social media. Later, the author will be given spendable credits among the partners of the startup.
  • Me&Ro is an application which will be available to every mobile device. It is based on methodology, developed by the team, that combines Task Analysis with social interaction to get cognitive and interactive improvements in verbal autistic children aged 4 to 14.
  • Opteama wants to improve the level of engagement in working groups through gamification. Its digital platform suggests the most appropriate solutions, such as team building and team growing.
  • RESTARCH is an ecological restoration portal. Besides giving users high quality advice, it will help in planning the retrieval of the historical built environment. The startup aims at promoting sustainability through the use of biomaterials and the recovery of traditional construction techniques.
  • T-Resku offers ramblers a solution to the deal with the outdoor safety. T-Resku team developed a t-shirt, containing sensors, that records its user’s vital signs. Through an internal app and a proper device, the t-shirt inform the user’s relatives in case of the latter’s seizure. Thus it will be easier to detect and help the indisposed rambler.
  • Venturus is a corporate intermediation digital platform which lets everyone invest in renewable electricity generation facilities. In fact, renewable electricity arises from sources such as wind, sun and waves. The startup aims to develop a credit institutions and building companies community motivated to provide a new market to its final user.

By now the 2017/2018 Contamination Lab UniCa program has come to an end. Still, it’s only the beginning for all startups! Which startups will become successful in the field of innovative entrepreneurship?