Contamination Lab UniCa: all the startups from the #05Edition

Teams in the Finale of CLab UniCa presented their own startup at Teatro Lirico On 25th March 2018 at Teatro Lirico of Cagliari, six finalist teams from Contamination Lab UniCa #05Edition faced each other to win a total jackpot worth € 50.000 in cash and services. We are talking about: EABlock, runner up; eFlavor, who got a [...]


CLab UniCa Finale: the startup MAGA Orthodontics is the winner!

EABlock and Glambnb in second and third place respectively The Teatro Lirico of Cagliari was the scene of the Finale of the 05#Edition of CLab UniCa, the Entrepreneurship Education Program launched by the University of Cagliari, on the 25th March 2018. Hosted by the TG1 RAI newscaster Alberto Matano, the event featured a competition involving six teams of [...]


CLab UniCa Finale Special: judges, prizes, teams and the event program

CLab UniCa #05Edition Finale takes place at Teatro Lirico of Cagliari on the 25th March From 4.30 pm on, Alberto Matano, the 8.00 pm TG1 anchorman, will host the most exctiting startup event of the year! Six startups from CLab UniCa 2017/2018 edition will have seven minutes to present the perfect pitch about their own business ideas. They will have [...]


MAGA: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

MAGA produces and sells the first magnetic orthodontic appliances MAGA is the first magnetic orthodontic appliance controlling, manoeuvring and predicting the dental movement. It uses a central magnetic field generator, which produces the force required for the dental displacement. This field has got little magnets aligned in the inner side of teeth. The magnetic field and [...]


HiveGuard: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

HiveGuard offers highly innovative tools and technologies to beekeepers HiveGuard created a sensor to help beekeepers carrying out monitoring activities, thanks to a camera and to an algorithm of recognition. These deal with identifying eventual new queen bee larvae and those cells infected by American foulbrood. In fact, despite the presence of a queen bee [...]

Emfores: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

Emfores semplifies the use of smart electrical appliances Emfores presents the Optimize Energy automated management system. It manages the energy comsumption of electrical appliances in a Smart Home context. Thanks to Emfores, users will be able to save energy and efficiency, gaining more time for their daily activities. Goals The team, performing during the Finale [...]


Glambnb: one of the six contenders in the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition

Glambnb is the very first European platform entirely dedicated to glamping Glambnb operates in the sector of glamour camping (glamping) with the aim of fostering and facilitating the creation of new structures and gathering all the existing ones. Thanks to this platform, tourists will be given the opportunity to find and book exclusive locations surrounded [...]


Investor Package: the admission test to the Finale of CLab UniCa!

Last delivery before the Finale for the #05 Edition teams! The Investor Package plays a key role in accessing the Finale of the Contamination Lab UniCa program. If teams have respected the delivery deadline and attached the necessary contents, they can introduce their own ideas before the audience and the experts. What is the Investor Package, anyway? The Investor [...]

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CLab UniCa Finale: 50.000 euros at stake, Alberto Matano from TG1 set to host

Press conference in rector's office to present the #05Edition Finale A press conference about the Finale of the CLab UniCa #05edition has occurred in the rector's office today, on the 8th March 2018. The Finale will take place at Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, co-organizer of the event, on the 25th March. Participants will be 6 [...]


The CLab UniCa Finale is approaching: book your ticket!

The most exciting startup event of the year is back! Once again, this year, Contamination Lab UniCa, the entrepreneurship education program of the University of Cagliari, will culminate with an attractive event! Join us in the Final on March 25th 2018 by booking your ticket on our website or on the Events section of the [...]

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