MAGA produces and sells the first magnetic orthodontic appliances

MAGA is the first magnetic orthodontic appliance controlling, manoeuvring and predicting the dental movement. It uses a central magnetic field generator, which produces the force required for the dental displacement. This field has got little magnets aligned in the inner side of teeth. The magnetic field and the tooth movements are calculated at a distance with a software. Foreseeing the interaction between magnetic fields and dental movements will reduce the side effects of the device installation and the treatment duration. Moreover, the device allows more hygienic therapies and an appearance improvement due to the invisible wireless transmission of the magnetic force.


The startup aims at developing a competitive orthodontic solution to improve the patients’ quality of life. They also aim at making stable partnerships with dentists and at playing a key role in the orthodontic market. The product will be tested on patients after the software and the prototype ergonomics will have provided enough comfort for installing the devices. According to the finalist team, the testing phase will need some time to perfect the treatment and improve the algorithm. As a result, there will be less human interventions in the process. Besides, the sales earnings of the prototypes and the magnetic orthodontic courses will grant a remarkable cash flow.

How technology works

The dentist will perform the 3D scanning on his patients. Associate dentists have to register a software of customer relationship management, through whom it’s possible to send the scan copy of the patient’s mouth to MAGA. By reading the scanning, MAGA engineering software can infer the figure, the size and the positioning of the magnetic brackets and the generator. The resulting parameters will be processed by a 3D printer, which produces a preprinted mould featuring the selected magnets. MAGA sends the complete ready-to-use model to the dentist, who will have to attach it to the patient immediately. All magnets are put on the interested teeth at the same time. The integrated generator, instead, will be inserted in the transpalatal arch. It is possible to anchor the generator to the palate by means of a micro-screw. This is nothing but a little routine operation every professional can perform safely.

Strategy and partners

MAGA uses a B2B business model. This means the team produces orthodontic devices sold to dentists, who in turn will present them to their patients. Simulating dental movements by means of predictable magnetic forces is an added value of the devices, which are under protection of an international patent. In fact, it fosters the creation of a reproducible therapies database.

Over the past years, the startup created a deep network of contacts to make partnerships. They used all gathered data to promote the first Italian magnetic orthodontics course. The first copies in multimedia format were sold at € 20 for students and at € 50 for dentists. As for the magnetic technology use license, it will cost € 500 while the MAGA device will be sold at the prize of € 1000.

The team

Maga team includes:

  • Claudio Bellu is the CEO of the startup. A dentistry student, he developed the idea on the medical and technological level.
  • Mersia Carboni is the CFO of the startup. An economics student, she deals with the business and administrative aspects of MAGA.

The startup also can count on Daniele Marras, a dentistry student in charge of Research & Development, and Simone Uccheddu, an advisor specialized on microcredit. He often supports the team in financial management and business development.