iFeel Baby


Startup name: iFeel Baby Area: Baby Tech CLab UniCa edition: 4th edition (2016/2017) Collected funds: € 10.000 Prizes and awards: Sardegna Ricerche Special Prize Founders: Pier Francesco Zanata - CFO Maria Laura Craboledda - CEO Website: Phone : 349 688 3817 Follow iFeel Baby on: iFeel Baby is [...]

Little Alienz


Startup name:  Little Alienz Area:  Education CLab UniCa edition:  4th edition (2016/2017) Collected funds:  € 12000 Prizes and awards:  Special Prize" Sardegna Ricerche Special Prize from the Rector - University of Cagliari Founders: Sarah Pinna - CEO Mauro Cuccu - COO Valentina Bellotti - CFO Website: Phone :  340 345 3292 Follow Little Alienz on: [...]



Nome Startup name: Neeot Area: Internet of Things CLab UniCa edition:  4th edition (2016/2017) Collected funds: € 25000 Prizes and awards:  2nd place, Contamination Lab 4th edition Winners, private call MED FORVAL in cooperation with WWF oasis, MONTE ARCOSU Pre-Acceleration, LUISS EnLabs Access to EnLabs Selection Day Founders:  Renato Caboni - CEO Federico Corona - CTO Chiara Cocco - [...]



Startup name: Omsy Area: Health care - ICT - mobile app CLab UniCa edition: 4th edition (2016/2017) Collected funds: €10000 Prizes and awards:  3rd place, ContaminationLab UniCa 2017 Founders: Cecilia Murru - CEO Enrico Medda - CTO Daniele Marras - Medical R&D manager Marco Puddu - CFO Website: Phone: +39 347 242 5099 Follow Omsy on: [...]



Startup name: RefoodIt Area:  Health care CLab UniCa edition: 4th edition (2016/2017) Prizes and awards: Finalists, 4th edition Contamination Lab UniCA Founders: Michele Schlich - R&D, sviluppo prodotto Claudia Lecca - Marketing and management Alessandro Atzei - R&D, analisi chimica degli scarti Website: Phone: +39 348 776 2200 Follow RefoodIt on: [...]



Startup name: Yaar Web Studio Area: ICT CLab UniCa edition: 4th edition (2016/2017) Collected funds: € 10000 Prizes and awards: Special Prize Contamination Lab 2017 Sardegna Ricerche Founders: Alessandro Loi - CEO Alessio Cordella - CFO Maryia Zaitsava - CMO Antonio Ravenna - Lawyer Website: Phone: +39 3480993362 Follow Yaar Web Studio on: [...]