Press conference in rector’s office to present the #05Edition Finale

A press conference about the Finale of the CLab UniCa #05edition has occurred in the rector’s office today, on the 8th March 2018. The Finale will take place at Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, co-organizer of the event, on the 25th March. Participants will be 6 startups from the latest edition of the entrepreneurship education program, institutions, entrepreneurs, national and international representatives of startups, artists, local firms and all the citizens.

The evening will be hosted by Alberto Matano, the 8.00 pm TG RAI anchorman who also presented many live broadcasts and specials.

“Boundaries? Just a matter of perspective”

This year, the slogan of the campaign illustrates Contamination Lab UniCa through the concept of boundary seen as a life and learning experience.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship pro-rector and Head of the Scientific Division of the CLab UniCa Maria Chiara Di Guardo said: “Our five-year old history confirms a strong cooperation between the University and enterprises. Collaboration is the secret of competitivity in a increasingly innovative market. According to the Superintendent of Teatro Lirico di Cagliari Claudio Orazi, instead, the CLab stands for the chance to put theatres in contact with the people and the territory. In this way, they can open their doors to mingle with different realities that can work together to produce innovation.

Mario Mariani, coach of the program, enterpreneur and The Net Value founder, agrees on this point: “cultural innovations are the meeting point between different positions and ideas”.

CLab UniCa successful startups and Special Olympics athletes

“We are glad to be so wonderfully inclusive in our ethical, cultural and scientific program of excellence. Contamination Lab further proves that the University is growing and promotes business competence and culture”: this is what the University of Cagliari rector Maria Del Zompo said during the press conference.

This year, the testimonials chosen for the promotional campaign are the CEOs of four “excellent” startups born during the previous editions of the program: Marco Deiosso (Nausdream), Nicola Usala (Babaiola), Alassandra Farris (IntendiMe) and Sarah Pinna (Little Alienz).

The #05Edition of the CLab UniCa will feature the athletes from the Millesport Special Olympics Sardegna association as its official sponsors. These athletes prove that through sport it is possible to overcome disability boundaries, creating a global community based on inclusion and mutual respect.

50mila euros at stake and upcoming surprises!

Besides 50.000 euros in cash and services, winning startups will be also awarded with a special prize by the rector. As proof of the CLab UniCa network’s sense of belonging, for the first time ever the Ex Alumni CLab Association will award a special prize to the winners too. The Finale will feature a rich program and many surprises!

How to participate

You can attend the event for free! You just need to book your strictly personal ticket through the and show it, in paper or electronic form, at the Public Entrance of Teatro Lirico. Access to orchestra seats will be possible from 4.00 p.m.

In case you couldn’t register online, you can book your tickets directly at the theatre box office on the 25th March.