Thursday, March 30, at 15.00 in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Architecture, via Corte d’Appello 59, there will be the introduction of the contest “Hyperloop One Global Challenge”. The councilor of transport and some delegates from the Autonomous Region of Sardinia will be there.

Hyperloop is an industrial research programme launched by Elon Musk (founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla). Its aim is to develop a faster and more efficient mean of rail trasnport.

In May 2016, Hyperloop One launched a global contest in order to find a series of so-called “regions of interest” and select 3 of them in which to implement hyperloop linkings. More than 2600 teams from more than 100 countries in the world applied. In January 2017, at the CES – Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Hyperloop One announced the 35 semifinalists. The Corsican-Sardinian region is one of them. The application was drafted from FemuQuì with the help of the Collectivitè Territoriale de Corse and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. It foresees the creation of an hyperloop linking between the islands. The contest is not exclusively aimed at engineering and tech students. Further information on: Hyperloop_concorso