CREA UniCA offers free services in the context of the Imprinting project

CREA UniCA is part of the accredited providers of free services enshrined in the “Imprinting” project, intended for unemployed people and women willing to launch and/or strengthen small and micro enterprises. Imprinting aims to encourage new business ventures, self-employment and generation renewal by giving recipients a voucher, which shall cover all the costs related to the provision of support and consultancy services to start a new business.

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Online Mircocredit call for proposals.

CREA provides a team of experts and consultants in order to support the recipients in each phase of the project. It also notifies the selection of the projects considered eligible for the Microcredit Fund ESF 2014/2020. This fund is co-financed with resources reimbursed to the Microcredit Fund EFS, financed by the POR EFS 2007/2013, intended for unemployed and never employed people, who struggle to access the traditional credit channels and intend to launch a new business in Sardinia.

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The selection is open also for people who joined the Imprinting program, for whom further resources will be allocated.

Applications for accessing the Fund shall be submitted from 08/01/2018 to 30/06/2018.

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