Barcamper Ventures, a platform for finding and training entrepreneurial teams, granted its economical support to Nausdream, which is a startup born during CLab UniCa’s #02 edition 

Talent scout. This is the occupation of Gianluca Dettori, founder of Vitaminic and Dpixel, a venture capital business focused on the digital sector. Not so long ago, Dettori launched Barcamper Ventures, a platform for finding young people living in remote areas with innovative ideas in order to help them reach potential investors and stakeholders. Barcamper usually selects 20 startups per year, then puts them into Dpixel’s business accelerator for nurturing their access to the market.

Nausdream’s success. This time it was Nausdream’s turn to be selected by Dettori and receive a funding of € 230000 in order to move forward with the project. Nausdream is a startup born during CLab Unica’s #02 edition, which consists of a web platform through which tourists get in touch with those vessel owners who decided to rent their own boat to people looking for unusual and emotional experiences. Nausdream is based in Cagliari and Bologna; its team is formed by Antonietta Melis, Marco Deiosso, Ousmane Dieng and Giuseppe Basciu. It grew constantly in 2016 with a mostly Sardinia-bound market. In 2017 the startup saw its business rapidly expand towards international markets such as Spain, Puerto Rico and Thailand. The project has been appreciated by Barcamper, who got in touch with Nausdream’s team during a programme dedicated to innovative business designed by Cipnes, Olbia (Sardinia), and boosted its contribution giving them its own funds to take a leap forward.