CLab UniCA catched Vanity Fair attention too!

CLab UniCa was the subject of an online article written by the famous magazine Vanity Fair. The article,  published on the 16th January 2018, also focused on the startups created during the entrepreneurship education program promoted by University of Cagliari. One of them is Bautiful Box, a former exhibitor in CES, the greatest technology world’s fair, which took place in Los Angeles from the 9th to the 12th January 2018.

Contamination Lab UniCa leads Italian CLabs

Contamination Lab UniCa fosters commmunication and relationships within the Italian CLab Network, which assembles the other Italian CLabs. Besides knowledge sharing, it also deals with monitoring information and activities promoted by the whole network.

Maria Chiara Di Guardo talks entrepreneurship education

Professor Maria Chiara Di Guardo, Scientific Head of CLab UniCa and Innovation and Territory Pro-rector of the University of Cagliari, said: «The value of the project is precisely in the desire to create that entrepreneurial awareness inherent in each of us, in the ability to generate new ideas, in the teamwork, constantly learning from experience».

Read the full article and browse the gallery on Vanity Fair website.