Emfores semplifies the use of smart electrical appliances

Emfores presents the Optimize Energy automated management system. It manages the energy comsumption of electrical appliances in a Smart Home context. Thanks to Emfores, users will be able to save energy and efficiency, gaining more time for their daily activities.


The team, performing during the Finale of CLab UniCa #05Edition, aims to optimize the energy conservation of the electrical appliances in people’s houses. They are currently developing a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) known as Optimize Energy. Following the increasing diffusion of smart hubs, the startup would like to approach the European market and become a market operator for the dispatch service. The latter is an activity consisting of balancing electricity supply and demand.

Emfores will release the alpha version and the prototype of the product respectively in April 2018 and July 2018. Next, after testing the system along with 50 users, it will debut on the market in January 2019.

How technology works

The Emfores server features an optimization algorithm measuring the ideal programming of smart electrical appliances, according to the user’s habits and energy costs. After perfecting the planning, the server will send the on and off signal to every electrical appliance through a smart hub. Users can witness the optimal planning through their smartphones and the startup website. Moreover, customers will get instant feedbacks thanks to push notifications. Thus users will get in direct touch with the interface altering the events planned by the system. As a result, energy consumption will decrease and users will manage to save their money.

The strategy and partners

The team created Optimize Energy to put it on the market as a Software As A Service. At first customers will undergo a six-week free trial. Later, they will have to take out a monthly or annual subscription.

Emfores was adviced by some experts from the University of Cagliari, such as Professors Francesca Cabiddu‘s for the economy and marketing area, doctorand Barbara Pisano for machine learning, and researcher Matteo Anedda for IoT. In the future, the startup would like to make agreements with enterprises specializing in efficient energy use.

The team

The Emfores team includes:

  • Michela Murgia, CEO of the startup, is in charge of legal advice and communication.
  • Matteo Troncia, the COO of Emfores, he is also the system engineer.
  • Simone Zanda, the technical director, he is also the systems developer and the designer of Emfores.
  • Mattia Pranteddu is in charge of social media marketing and of the financial aspects of Emfores.