Learning, “Enterprenuing” and Creating Value”: children learn entrepreneurship

Researcher Michela Floris from University of Cagliari and CREA – University service centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – have promoted Learning, Enterprenuing” and Creating Value (Apprendo, Imprendo e Creo valore), an entrepreneurship educational program addressed to 6 to 10-year-old children. This project encourages the development of entrepreneurial skills through fables and experience-based teaching.

An entrepreneurial view of fables

Children will delve into typical entrepreneurship topics and develop specific knowledge. An “entrepreneurial” view of fairy tales and fables like The Tree Little Pigs and The Ant and the Grasshopper will play a key role in this. At the same time, children will start practical, lab and experiential activities to get more creative and more resourceful. Moreover, they will also learn to work well in teams and operate in harsh conditions, whom they will come to valorize. Learning, “Enterprenuing” and Creating Value will involve twenty-two children from the comprehensive school of Sanluri on an experimental basis. After engaging the IIA Class, this project may be open to other classes too.

Entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship normally stands for the ability to identify and analyse opportunities and ideas, turning them into something economically and socioculturally valuable to the community. Entrepreneurship embraces skills such as creativity, communication and resource management. It doesn’t only deal with acknowledging what the others and the rest of us can do. It’s also about being motivated and persisting in the pursuit of common goals. For this reason, learning the basics of entrepreneurship in primary school fosters the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills. These skills are important to each individual’s personal growth and to the social development of the territory. Entrepreneurship education requires inspiring enviroments able to create networks, especially with universities, whom have always favoured the development of relations with the territory and the spread of inner skills and expertise.