Last delivery before the Finale for the #05 Edition teams!

The Investor Package plays a key role in accessing the Finale of the Contamination Lab UniCa program. If teams have respected the delivery deadline and attached the necessary contents, they can introduce their own ideas before the audience and the experts. What is the Investor Package, anyway?

The Investor Package is a “package” including all the contents necessary to share all the fundamental elements of a startup.

Thanks to it, investors will need just few targeted information to realize whether a specific business idea  is worth being funded.

Anatomy of an Investor Package

If the #05Edition teams want to join the Finale, they will have to  submit the following contents in English:

  • The startup’s slogan and logo
  • The elevator pitch
  • The investor pitch
  • The Business Executive Summary
  • An annual plan about your pre-estabilished objectives and all reasons why you should pursue them
  • A prototype, a mockup reproduction or a demo version of the product

Let’s have a look!


During the CLab UniCa,  teams worked hard in order to present the perfect Pitch. The Investor Package includes two kinds of submissions: the elevator pitch one (1 minute long) ad the investor pitch one (7 minute long). Besides drawing the investor’s attention, the first pitch should address the target of the startup, the specific problems it solves and its ways of doing that. As for the second pitch, it includes information about the reference market, the business model, the methods and the action plan of the startup. It also features the several stages the startup should  have achieved by a year.

The Business Executive Summary

The business executive summary is a summary aimed at  explaining  the fundamental points of the business model. This is why it should be clear and encourage investors to read the rest of the business plan. It should include information about the reference target, the competitive advantage of the startup over its competitors, the business model and the marketing strategies followed. It should also include the  financial plan and expectations about the future of the startup. Finally, it should shortly describe the team members and the what values they can bring into the startup with their competiences.


Who will submit the perfect Investor Package?

The six teams submitting the best Investor Packages will access the Finale at Teatro Lirico di Cagliari on the 25th March.  There, they will have the chance to get valuable prizes and become the winning startup of CLab UniCa #05Edition!

Join the Finale  to find out the winner!