EABlock, the startup which will protect enterprise information

The EABlock team, which will attend the Finale of Clab UniCa #05Edition, aspires to create reliable solutions for enterprises. In fact, EABlock’s armored applications use cryptography and Blockchain technology to prevent possible cyber attacks.


The team is currently developing a safe, customizable software for the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). This application will favour the sale of products and the technological business process. Due to the reusable components of its structure, the EABlock technology can also manage highly technological industrial processes. The startup also launched a Master Data Management integrated solution to manage business processes and industrial automation. Finally, EABlock seeks to take part in every corporate operations through its technology.

How technology works

The innovative approach of the startup mostly involves cryptography and the Blockchain technology. All data inserted in the application will be encrypted so that hackers won’t read them in the case of cyber attacks. Later, the encrypted and unalterable data will be loaded in Blockchain private nodes, which will let the user access the history of modifications. Thus, even though a single node was under attack, the full efficiency of the service would not be affected. Moreover, Blockchain will let the CRM software communicate with the other platforms. Moreover, the processes will be automated thanks to the Smart Contract, a document numbering system examining the contract negotiation and performance.

Strategy and partners

The product will spread as Software As A Service to reach as many customers as possible. The startup offers solution packages suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses while provides large enterprises with customizable solutions. To draw the target companies’ interest, EABlock is making partnerships with large enterprises. It provides them with a Proof of Concept, a brief synopsis about the feasability and authenticity of the fundamentals of the project. Recently, the startup has made an agreement with Sartec, an enterprise specialized in the innovative and technological enhancement industrial and environmental performances. They collaborate with professor Michele Marchesi and researcher Roberto Tonelli from the Department of Mathematics and Informatics (University of Cagliari).

The team

The EABlock team includes:

  • Dario Puligheddu: a computer scientist and cybersecurity expert, who has followed several important programming courses about security and Blockchain. He is the CEO and technical director of the startup.
  • Miriam Meazza: master’s degree in business administration and management, she is the COO of EABlock. She deals with planning, communication and social media marketing.
  • Matteo Fercia: an economist specialized in Marketing and Sales, he is in charge of Marketing and financial management.
  • Riccardo Curreli: a computer scientist with long-standing experience in developing cross platform applications and front-end programming. He is the developer of EABlock.

The team makes use of a further resource for programming.