Projects and startups facing the future: they are the backbone of our ever-expanding university. Foreign investors like our model. “We are in a race to link research, businesses and the territory. But we also want to get the most out of our students bearing in mind the challenges of the international market” said the director, prof. Maria Chiara Di Guardo.

On May 28 a delegation led by mr. Ofer Sachs, Israeli ambassador in Rome, took part in a meeting at the CREA (Center for Research and Entrepreneurship Activities – Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship). Our university has been represented by the Vice Rectors Michaela Morelli (Scientific Research) and Annalisa Bonfiglio (Innovation), CREA’s director, prof. Maria Chiara Di Guardo and Mario Mariani (The Net Value). The Center is specially made for embracing youth – interdisciplinarity – research – ideas and potentially groundbreaking projects. It is located in via Ospedale 121, in the former Anatomical Theatre. CREA has been created in order to catalyse, coordinate and manage those projects related to innovation and entrepreneurship, starting with the Contamination Lab, being propelled by the mission of our university.

We are the future. 12 startuppers at full throttle. 6 of them “born” within the Contamination Lab itself. They are Chiara Cocco (NeeoT), Simone Scalas (Bxtar), Maurizio Piredda (Bautiful Box), Alessandra Farris (IntendiMe), Marco Deiosso (Nausdream), Alberto Piras (Brave Potions). The other 6 belong to the field of research of the University of Cagliari: Alessandro Massarelli (Botteega), Mauro Pili (Paymeabit), Fabrizio Mulas (U4Fit), Andrea Concas (Art Backers), Alessandro Sestini (Marinanow) and Antonio Solinas (AbInsula). They all introduced their own projects to the Israeli delegation (composed by academics, venture capitalists, diplomats and entrepreneurs). The CREA aims at promoting the startups born inside the CLab UniCa and showing the network of business relationships our University creates and maintains thanks to the Contamination Lab. The Center strenghtens the visibility of some high-end enterprises linked to the University as well as some scientific projects with actual entrepreneurial impact.