CLab UniCa tales: winning startups for accessible information

Last stage of our journey on the discovery of the successful innovative CLab startups. Experiential tourism, IoT, education 4.0, ICT are just some of the sectors in which the winning startups, born during the CLAB UniCa entrepreneurship education program, operate. Today we introduce you to three very different startups with one goal in common: make information [...]

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CLab UniCa tales: successful startups for smart education

Third appointment with the successful Clab UniCa-born startups On our journey to discover the innovative Clab Unica startups, we recounted the story of smart objects specifically designed to make people's and pets' lives simpler. In today's article, we are glad to introduce you to two startups which combine education and innovation, both of them addressed to the little ones too! Education (and inclusion) 4.0 Need for Nerd, [...]


CLAb UniCa #04 edition: the winners

SUCCESSFUL TRIO. Yaar (Alessandro Loi, Maria Zaitzeva, Alessio Cordella and Antonio Ravenna), won the #04 edition of the CLab UniCa. They took part in the competition with a software for those SMEs that want to be innovative implementing Augmented Reality in their own websites and e-commerces. NeeoT (Renato Caboni, Chiara Cocco, Nicola Aldo Cabras and [...]

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Entrance to the Finale, February 24, 2017

Please be advised that the seats reserved on Eventbrite have been automatically assigned. The number on the ticket must be ignored, and everyone can choose where to seat. For those who have not reserved the ticket yet, we suggest you constantly check the page (due to some cancellation). By the way, the access will be [...]

Seven finalists for the #04 Edition

Seven teams to the finals. Safety systems for kids, remote control software, mobile app for the diagnosis of some illnesses, networks for data analysis and other insights to be introduced to a higly-qualified jury. Friday, the final chapter at the Teatro Massimo Cagliari, Feb. 20th, 2017 Mario Frongia The Magnificent Sevens. iFeel Baby, Little Alienz, Neeot, OMSy, Placeat, RefoodIt and YaaR [...]


CLab UniCa, 5th and last meeting by The Net Value

The 5th meeting by The Net Value will be held Friday, February 10 in the Teatro Anatomico in Cagliari, via Ospedale 121, from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm. The main topic will be “Startups’ financing instruments and support”.


Google awards 2 startups of the CLab UniCa – University of Cagliari

Bxtar and NeeoT took part in the pre-acceleration programme held by the American multinational firm and Luiss EnLabs. A huge result for the Contamination Lab of the University of Cagliari. CLab’s final chapter on February 24, at the Teatro Massimo. International scenarios. Two startups born inside the CLab are shining on the international stage. Bxtar [...]

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