Third appointment with the successful Clab UniCa-born startups

On our journey to discover the innovative Clab Unica startups, we recounted the story of smart objects specifically designed to make people’s and pets’ lives simpler. In today’s article, we are glad to introduce you to two startups which combine education and innovationboth of them addressed to the little ones too!

Education (and inclusion) 4.0

Need for Nerd, third edition of the entrepreneurship education program, has as its primary objective the diffusion of smart working philosophy and programming languages. This is achieved through a lively community of programmers and the organisation of courses, seminars and workshops addressed to schools and individuals. The digital literacy courses are designed to help children learn coding and have fun with it at the same time!

With regards to companies looking for programmers, the startup offers a targeted recruiting service whose purpose is to quickly innovate their own products and services. This is made possible thanks  to a gaming platform which will let developers verify their own hard and soft skills, improving their working life-style.

Well-established in Sardinia, Need for Nerd has got several partners, such as CLab UniCa, Hub/Spoke, a co-working space, and Apply, a corporate consultancy company.

Little Alienz, one of the finalists in the 4th edition of the Contamination Lab UniCa, created the first dyslexia screening game for children aged 4 to 6. The game is aimed to help educators identify possible gaps in children abilities that could indicate risk signals of the disorder.

Moreover, the board game version, currently under testing phase in several nursery schools in Cagliari, will enable children to practise their phonological abilities in an entertaining way, which is crucial for their reading and writing capabilities.

The app version of the game will detect the most vulnerable areas, enabling the creation of a customized and updatable programme aimed at strengthening those weaknesses. It will be available on both smartphones and tablets.

Little Alienz came in second at the “Premio Eureka: l’idea diventa impresa”, a national competition focused on business ideas promoted by Panorama d’Italia.

Different yet the same

Is it possible that three completely different startups can share the same objective? If you want to find out more, check out our last news piece and don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page!