Seven teams to the finals. Safety systems for kids, remote control software, mobile app for the diagnosis of some illnesses, networks for data analysis and other insights to be introduced to a higly-qualified jury. Friday, the final chapter at the Teatro Massimo

Cagliari, Feb. 20th, 2017
Mario Frongia

The Magnificent Sevens. iFeel Baby, Little Alienz, Neeot, OMSy, Placeat, RefoodIt and YaaR gained access to the final of the #04 edition of the Contamination Lab – University of Cagliari. The seven teams, composed by students and graduates from different sectors, will be competing for the last time on Friday, Febraury 24, h.15.00 at the Teatro Massimo. There will be hosts and guests for the course that aims at the enhancement and creation of business development through the incubation of successful ideas, between creativity, innovation and territory.

SEVEN MINUTES FOR THE FUTURE. Teams will be given seven minutes each to introduce their business concepts and convince the jury. Teams will be competing for money and services. The jury is composed of investors, journalists, stakeholders and multinational firms: Peter Kruger (StartupBootCamp), Enrico Mattiazzi (United Ventures), Jari Ognibeni (Industrio), Anna Amati (Meta Group), Lorenzo di Donato (Fluorsid), Oozi Cats (Telit Communications), Giovanna Roversi (Audience marketing manager, Microsoft), Nava Swersky Sofer (director IdcBeyond), Roberto Bonanni (Meta Ventures), Fabio Spagnuolo ( Network & Promotion of Innovation Culture – Intesa Sanpaolo). Alessandro Fusacchia (MiUR) coordinates the event.

CLAB CONQUERS: PARTNERS AND SPONSORS. Sardegna Ricerche, CRS4, The Net Value, Open Campus, Hub/Spoke, Confindustria Sardegna Giovani, F.C. Cagliari Calcio and Bank of Cagliari, Sardegna 2050 and the American Embassy in Rome support the CLab and award the winners with money and services. Sardegna Teatro, Kama Events and Congresses and the Hotel management and catering school of Tortolì also gave their support.

RED CARPET AT THE TEATRO MASSIMO. The event is filled with speeches and guest spots. Among them, Valentino Mannias (Sardegna Teatro) and Moses Concas, winner of the TV show “Italia’s got Talent 2016”, Manu Invisible and Rossella Faa. The red carpet is set starting from 15.00.

FINALISTS AND IDEAS. iFeel Baby, sends an alert to the parents when their child is approaching a dangerous zone, making the domestic environment safer and reducing the risk of accidents. Little Alienz: it consists in a board game, accompanied by a mobile app, for kids aged 4-6. It helps assessing dyslexia’s first symptoms.NeeoT: collects and analyzes in real time data coming from sensors on a given area; the software then elaborates the info and makes them accessible to farmers. OMSy: mobile app for the screening of Obstruction Sleep Apnea Syndrome). Placeat: it signals the restaurants offering lactose free/gluten free meals in Cagliari. RefoodIt:: it develops formulae for cosmetics and supplements exploiting the waste of the food processing industry as active ingredients. YaaR: software for SMEs wishing to step up their game implementing Augmented Reality in their own websites and e-commerces.

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