Last stage of our journey on the discovery of the successful innovative CLab startups.

Experiential tourism, IoT, education 4.0, ICT are just some of the sectors in which the winning startups, born during the CLAB UniCa entrepreneurship education program, operate. Today we introduce you to three very different startups with one goal in common: make information accessible and easily available!

Information for everyone

The runner-up of the fourth CLab Unica edition, Neeot, was involved in the Android Factory 4.0 program along with BXTAR . The system, provided by this startup, creates a communication network which gathers and analyzes information from a specific geographical area in real time. This information can be monitored by enterprises, most notably farms, in order to support their decisions. This will result in a reduction of consumption and infrastructure. The Monte Arcosu WWF reserve is currently using Neeot to prevent fire hazards and monitor information about the Sardinian deer.

The startup Let’s Colibrì, which debuted in the third edition of the program, optimizes food promotion and selling. In fact, it provides the customers with a lot of textual and audiovisual information about the products’ quality and features, as well as the history of its producers.

Let’s Colibrì uses visual storytelling to improve corporate marketing on online channels and in specialized shops. This is made possible thanks to the provision of innovative touch-screen aids. Information is conveyed through the “Story-telling device”and the “Interactive Book” with the aid of apps. The first is a customizable FSC certified cardboard stand set on shelves; the latter is a movable totem placed close to the products. Let’s Colibrì collaborates with several Sardinian commercial activities and craft workshops.

Another great startup is IntendiMe, which first appeared in the second edition of the Contamination Lab. It improves the hearing-impaired people’s life by a revolutionary system designed to detect, transmit and notify sounds. The combination of a special plate, a smartwatch and a mobile app will allow hearing-impaired people to receive audio-information (e.g. a doorbell ringing) which they can’t perceive independently at home, thus improving their personal life conditions.

IntendiMe won several prizes such as the PNI – Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione (ICT section). In 2016 the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella awarded the Premio dei Premi to the startup due to its contributions to national research and industrial innovation.

And what about the startups of the fifth CLab Unica edition?

To secure their place in the pantheon of the most successful CLab startups, team contenders will challenge each other in a no holds barred pitch contest on the stage of the Teatro Lirico di Cagliari on the 25th  March 2018. Which startups are going to win prestigious awards and fame?

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