The stories of the most successful CLab UniCa startups continue

In the previous article about CLab UniCa startups and experiential turism we left you with a question: “What do dogs and bicycles have in common?!” The right answer is IoT! 

IoT or Internet of Things includes all those electronic devices, provided with a software that allows the exchange of information between the connected objects. In other words, it simplifies your life! The two startups reported below innovate, through the use of smart devicesthe relationship between objects, people… and animals!

IoT to the rescue! 

One of the main start-ups in the CLab UniCa’s 3rd edition is Bautiful Box, a game console designed to entertain cats and dogs even in the absence of their owners. Bautiful Box aims to stimulate the senses of your beloved pets. In order to do so, a smartphone application has been designed to interact with your four-legged friends, allowing their owners to remotely control different reward-based games: when finishing this playing activity they will get one single croquette as a prize.  Through many difficulty levels, the players will improve their cognitive efforts as they will strive for more and more croquettes! Bautiful Box has successfully represented Italy during the 2018 CESthe greatest technology world’s fair, which took place in Las Vegas last January. 

Another impressive startup among those presented during CLab UniCa’s 3rd edition is BXTAR, a smart system intended to let cyclists wander through the city in safety. This system combines tail lights with the stop function and side-marker lights. BXTAR adapts automatically in every conditions of road visibility, thanks to its smart technology: it is also able to connect with smartphones in case of dangerous situations. One year ago, the startup joined the Android Factory 4.0 pre-acceleration program in partnerships with Google and Luiss EnLabs. Currently, BXTAR collaborates with Limar, a firm specialized in the production of cycling helmets. 

 If objects are getting smarter, can education do it too?

Two of our CLab UniCa startups will answer this question! Stay tuned for more details in the next article!