CLabber UniCa


Name:  CLabber UniCa Area: Cultural Association Address: Via Ospedale 122 Phone: +393491212424 Email: Website: Follow CLabber UniCa on: The CLabber UniCa Cultural Association was born in April 2017. Its goal is to reunite alumni from the previous editions of Contamination  Lab UniCa, spread and maintain alive the principles of [...]



Name: Prototype APS Area: Consulting Phone: +39 3408538099 Email: Thanks to the Prototype program, every startup in an early stage will learn the right method to test / examine their own business ideas in six weeks with real-life users. This program is managed by 6 Sardinian experts in [...]

Accademia d’Arte Santa Caterina


Name: Accademia d'Arte Santa Caterina Area: Art school Address: Pazzale Lazzaretto Phone: 070 751 3411 Email: Website: Follow Accademia d'Arte Santa Caterina on: The Accademia d’Arte Santa Caterina was founded in 2012, offering a training inspired by the old Renaissance workshops, which was a combination [...]

CRS4 Centro di Ricerca Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna


Name: CRS4, Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna Area: University – Research body – Education authority Address: Loc. Piscinamanna, Edificio 1, Pula 09010 Phone: +39 070 92501 Email: Website: Follow CRS4 on: CRS4 is an interdisciplinary research center, founded in 1990 by [...]

Hub and Spoke


Name: Hub/Spoke Area: Co-working space Address: Via roma 235, Cagliari 09124 Phone: 070 658 020 Email: Website: Follow Hub/Spoke on: Hub/Spoke’s coworking space actually covers about 600 squred metres, slightly more than 40% of a surface to be organically expanded. We offer 60 different types of [...]

Sardegna 2050 Associazione no-profit


Name: Sardegna 2050 non-profit association Area: Association for social advancement Address: Via Massa Carrara 16, Olbia 07026 Phone: +39 342 154 9713 Email: Website: Follow Sardegna 2050 non-profit association on: Sardegna 2050 is a non-profit organization which designs and implements groundbreaking actions for sustainable, local [...]

Sardegna Ricerche


Name: Sardegna Ricerche Area: Scientific and Technological park Address: via Palabanda 9, Cagliari 09123 Phone:  +39 070 92431 Email: Website: Follow Sardegna Ricerche on: Sardegna Ricerche is the Sardinian regional body that promotes research and innovation as well as the technological development in the Island itself. It supports companies [...]

Startup Magazine


Name: Startup MagazineArea: Publishing business Address: P.zza San Bernardo, RomePhone: 3298042077 Email: redazione@startupmagazine.itWebsite: http://www.startupmagazine.itFollow Startup Magazine on: We want to provide a picture of the ever-expanding startup universe which could be objective, rough if necessary, tricky, sometimes even a picture of failure which is, in turn, stimulating and dinamic. How? Interviewing its [...]

Teatro di Sardegna Soc. Coop. A.R.L.


Name: Teatro di Sardegna Soc. Coop. A.R.L. Area: Multi-disciplinary artistic production Address: Viale Trento 19, Cagliari 09123 Phone: +39 070 279 6620 Email: Website: Follow Teatro di Sardegna Soc. Coop. A.R.L. on: Teatro di Sardegna, of huge cultural interest, is applying a groundbreaking, active governance model through a [...]